About me

Paul Schot has been taking photographs for over 30 years, mostly in his home country, the Netherlands. He is now living in Vienna, Austria.
In the Netherlands I would mostly be photographing silent contemplative water, morning mists and the change of seasons in the trees. I would go out in the first morning light and see the sun rise.

Not much of that here in Vienna though. But for a buddhist there are many captivating images. Mostly I am drawn by the impermanence of things; Vienna has a long history and a lot of things have an inherent quality of transience, disappearing, changing into something new but not quite fixed. Nothing is really, but I am grateful that sometimes this becomes more apparent to the eye.

And still, sometimes I get to go in the country here as well and seek out the beautiful silhouette of a tree in the Mostviertel or the barren landscape of the Neusiedler See to name a few.

And, in the same vein, holidays would often be spent in places of tragic historic events, like the battlefields of the First World War. And Venice ..... a place of fading colours ..... certainly a place of transience, although it still carefully maintains its balance at the water's edge.

I want to share this particular view of the world with you. You may sometimes experience some mental resistance, but I hope that you will become more aware of the natural state of things. A thing of beauty, even more so once you become aware of its true nature.

The theme of my photography is Emptiness, neither good or bad, but something that is inherent to Being.