Acquiring my photos

I'm not a commercial photographer - photography is part of my life's fulfillment - sharing my views of the world with you is the main reason for this website, publications and exhibitions. Still, I'd be happy to sell you a print if a particular image struck a cord.
Normally I'd print an image in A3 or A3+, depending on the proportions of the particular photo. Price quotes below are for this size of print. Other formats are available on request. In principle my framed prints are only available at exhibitions, where you can carry them home yourself. But of course I'd be willing to consider exceptions.

All prints will be printed with an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 and original Epson K6 inks on museum quality paper, again depending on the particular photo a paper from Hahnemuehle, Innova Art or Permajet. All photos will be signed and come with a uniquely numbered hologramme and certificate of authenticity. I print only a limited edition of 20 in A3 or larger.

Please send a request for a print through the feed-back form. I'll get back to you to make arrangements for delivery. Payment would normally be through Paypal.

You can acquire an unframed print without passepartout for 165 Euros and the cost of P&P. I sell my framed prints for 295 Euros at exhibitions.

My book on the First World War "Set in Stone" (A4, softcover, 144 pages) is now only available for 39,90 Euro through this website (only a few copies left though).

My book "Coloured Concrete" (A3, hardcover, 167 pages) is no longer available from Istill have a few copies that you can order through this website (72 Euros + postage).

I also sell smaller handprinted, signed books (on my Epson) and cards from the series of Venice photos. Prices on request.