(Past) activities / achievements

I'd like to share my view of the world with you, through this website and other activities that I list below.
I've been lucky enough to get a platform through some of my favourite magazines. In 2011 I won a Merit Award and publication of some of my photos in the American magazine B&W, I also won the British Photographer of the Year Competition of B+W Photography in the Category Land in that year. And in 2013, one of the photos of my Viennese shop fronts found its way into a reader's gallery with the theme "Melancholie" in the German magazine Schwarz/Weiss.

In 2012 my photo book "A Year Alone in Vienna" won the prize for best photography of the Austrian Amateur Photographers Society.

In 2012 my photos were exhibited in the Netherlands in / through Gouda Studios of Judith Ivens .

I regularly exhibit photos in the Vienna International Center, showing in September 2013 "Venice, Fading Colours", a collection of photos delivering my view of Venice.

My book "Set in Stone", Commemorating the First World War, published in February 2014 is now for sale through Amazon.co.uk. Copies were sold through the Passchendaele Museum in Belgium and I thought I'd make it available to people in the UK not able to visit the battlefields during these commemorative years.

In November 2014 I was elected to take part in the exhibition "The Built Environment" in the Photoplace Gallery, Vermont.

In December 2014 I published my third book "Coloured Concrete" on the so called "Commie Blocks", big social housing complexes, in Vienna. Available on Amazon.de.

In April 2015 I won the contest of the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum (Military History Museum) in Vienna and the Austrian Kriegsdenkmalstiftung (War Graves Society) for best photo of World War I Monuments.

Solo exhibition of Coloured Concrete in Vienna, 's Fachl, 5-19 November 2016

20 September 2017 awarded the title of Associate by the Royal Society of Photography for an interconnected selection of my Coloured Concrete photos.

I contributed a series of photos of the Foodcourt in Amersfoort, The Netherlands to the RPS project/book "Visualising The Peri-Urban Interface" published in December 2021.

In March 2022 I received a certificate for the Open Collage of the Arts Course "Investigating Place with Psychogeography" with my series on the new Veemarkt (former cattlemarket area) neighbourhood in Utrecht, The Netherlands.